Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lana Del Ray

I have completely fallen in love with Lana Del Ray her music, style and beauty absolutely amaze me!! Feeling inspired I decided to recreate her look from her EP cover. I chose this particular look because I already owned a similar floral headband. The headband was handmade from local Brisbane girl Anna TuTu. I really love this piece I think it is so unique and special and the fact that it is hand made is even better. However I've never had the confidence or correct styling to wear it in public. Once I saw the photo of Lana rocking a similar headband I thought perfect now I can finally wear mine and not feel over the top or out of place. I hope you enjoy my tutorial! 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Winter Garden

Last night I had the opportunity of dressing for the opening of the Wintergarden. The Wintergarden is a long standing arcade off Queen St Mall in Brisbane city. For the last few months the center has been undergoing a complete renovation. The front of the building shows features an elaborate metal tapestry of butterflies and trees that glows vibrant colours at night. To celebrate the completion of the revamp this Wednesday and Thursday the Wintergarden house a VIP event and fashion show. I managed to take a few photos on the night with my iPhone. For anyone who hasn't been backstage at a runway show before it is a crazy mess of people trying to get clothes on their model as fast as humanly posible whilst trying to make them look immaculate. I dressed Jonathan (pictured with the glasses on) who's laid back personality made my job a breeze. The beautiful Liz Braithwaite, runner up of last seasons Australia's Next top Model, also featured in the show. Again Liz's lovely personality made working with her a joy! Overall I had so much fun at the event and can't wait till next week where i will be dressing at another show for David Jones.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Outfit of the day

As last wednesday was the ANZAC day public holiday Adam and I took the opportunity to take a nice stroll outdoors. This lead to an impromptu OOTD video which I posted on my youtube account. Being mid autumn the weather here in Brisbane is finally starting to cool down. I am overjoyed to start busting out some of my favorite jumpers from my, too big for living in the sub tropics, knit collection. 

Japan Photo Diary

Six months ago my boyfriend Adam and I had the most wonderful two week holiday in Japan. I took my beloved fish eye film camera along with me on the trip because memories are so much funner in fish eye. I have had this roll of film rattling around in the bottom of my bag ever since we came home. Today I finally remembered to take the film in to be developed. These pictures are making me incredibly nostalgic and wishing to be back in Japan! We spent the majority of the holiday wondering around and drinking in Japanese culture and architecture. My feet are definitely itching to get of the ground and go somewhere else new in the world.