Sunday, December 9, 2012


Refreshed from our lovely time in Koh Samet Adam and I headed off to the bustling city of Bangkok. I know quite a few people who have said Bangkok is not their cup of tea, but for me there is something about this city that I really like. Between friends new and old, amazing food, shopping and the partying I have always had such a good time in Bangkok. This visit was no different as we meet up with our good friends from back home Nat and Dan. I had a great time wondering, and partying, in Khao San and Ramburitti Road. We found the most adorable little cafe on Ramburitti that actually had an expresso machine and staff that understood how to work it. Obviously as we all love our coffee we were delighted by this find. The staff here were so friendly and polite, they even drew us little maps of the area inculding tips on what to see and do. One of the tips we took from them was to visit the weekend market referred to by locals as The JJ Market. This market is the largest in the world so it's not surprising the only photo I had of the day was me looking rather sleepy. If you don't allow the size of JJ overwhelm you then it's definitely worth going to. Nat and I snapped up a lot of bargins so stay tuned for a Haul Video on both our YouTube channels. 

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