Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I have been dreaming of going to Rome since I was a little girl, no joke I would sit with an atlas on my lap and look at maps of the city and pretend I was there. I'm not sure what started my fascination with this city but I watch Sabrina Goes To Rome so many times I think I wore the tape out! You would think then with my anticipation of ticking something of my bucket list would mean I have my trip planned out perfectly. Well unfortunately I planned my time in this amazing place incredibly poorly. I was due to start a tour in Rome that took me all the way to Amsterdam and thinking that I would see all the sights of the city on the tour and therefore only gave myself a free day. I later found out I had to do most of the sightseeing on my own as the tour only included the Vatican before we were off to Venice. This resulted in a hectic day rushing around the city in an overwhelmed sate trying to soak in as much as Rome as possible. Devouring gelato and watching the swarming crowds by the Trevi Fountain, my first glimpse of the Colosseum and taking in the art, history and culture of the city are some of my most treasured memories. The only upside of a poorly planned trip is the promise to yourself that you will come back one day and do it right!  

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