Thursday, October 3, 2013


I took a very impromptu trip to Barcelona in the first week of September. I had just got back to my friends home in Northern Italy after a whirlwind two week tour around Europe. I freaked out about the looming winter and decided I need to rebel and enjoy some sun and as I knew some friends were in Barcelona I booked a ticket and was off before I knew it. Well actually there was a slight hiccup in getting there as a series of misfortunate events lead to me missing my bus to the airport. Luckily I was already checked in, had my boarding pass and only carry on luggage! Knowing there wasn't another bus for two hours I desperately rang my friend who came to the rescue with his motorcycle. Yep, me and my carry on suite case got strapped on to the back of his bike and we were hurtling along an Italian autostrada at a mind boggling speed. I got to the airport as my flight was boarding and legged it through security and the terminal, I doubt it was even five minuets after I jumped off the bike I was seated on the plane and up in the air.  When I landed in Barcelona I was still a bit frazzled and in disbelief that I made it! And boy oh boy the crazy morning I had was well worth it as I instantly fell in love with Barcelona. I've always said my perfect city would be a place with history and culture that was located on a beach and Barcelona ticked all of those boxes and then some! I had the most amazing time eating tapas and drinking sangria with friends, marvelling in Gaudi's architecture, lazing around on the beach, exploring La Boqueria markets and getting my very own flower shaped gelato! I loved my small taste of Spain so much that I can't wait to go back and explore more of the beautiful country! 

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