Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Slovenia xoxo

One thing that has struck me whilst traveling around Europe is how the landscape changes vastly and immediately when crossing borders. Italy, Slovenia and Croatia was one of the most noticeable and beautiful examples of this. A journey that only takes a few hours and you go from sweeping hills of vineyards and olive trees in Italy to beautiful rich forest in Slovenia (I even saw a baby deer from the bus window) then the barren and steep cliffs of Croatia that fall straight into the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea. The drive between Venice and Pag Island, was my first taste of slovenia and I was very glad we were coming back to explore this beautiful country. We stopped at Ljubljana and Lake Bled but unfortunately only have half a day in both locations. Ljubljana was a surprisingly artsy city and looking back at my photos I can see I was quite inspired! I took no typical tourist photos of the city but clicked away at all the street art to be seen. My favourite is the installation of shoes and goon sacks hanging from the power lines of an alleyway! If you are not Australian the term goon sack might strike you as strange but it's simply a bag of very cheap wine. Exploring the city at dusk and feasting on some amazing and very cheap mexican is possibly one of my fondest memories on tour. The next day we spent the morning at the breathtakingly beautiful Lake Bled. The lake was stunning like all European lakes are. Crystal clear waters, check! Impressive mountains that fall straight into the water, check! Castle, Check! Once again another day or wondering around and taking in the beauty around us! 

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