Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Berlin is one of those places that just oozes coolness, I really wish I had enough time to get off the beaten track and pretend I was a local for a while! It reminded me of Melbourne back home in Australia, a place where I also like to pretend I'm a local, the way they embrace graffiti as art and not vandalism. The Berlin wall as you can no doubt tell by the hundreds of photos I took of it completely and utterly captivated me. I love how the political history is turned into art and put it on show for everyone to see and be reminded of the past to ensure history won't be repeated. Even the memorials are artistic and beautiful in their own eerie way. The Holocaust Memorial really moved you as the large concrete pilers brought home an overwhelming sense of loneliness among a mass of uniformity. Our guide told us that the memorial was a place built to reflect upon the war and that you could sit and take it all in. After a very powerful morning spent learning about a very bleak time in modern history it felt really great to lie back on the grass besides the river and just watch the clouds go by.  

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