Monday, July 9, 2012


Food, travel, fashion, pets and nail polish! This months instragram snaps basically sum up my favourite things in life. I jetted off to Sydney for a week in June to intern for Shop Til You Drop magazine. I had a fantastic week and when I wasn't in the office observing how glossy publications are run I was wondering the streets of Sydney shopping, eating and instagraming up a storm. The frosty weather meant I had to bust out my duffel coat that had not seen the light of day since my Japan trip. As I pulled it on I discovered a few receipts and train tickets scrunched up in the pockets. Its funny how a few scraps of paper can bring back a rush of nostalgia. Back home and I was interning again, this time at a fashion show set in the most quaint little church. Other than that all it seems I got up to for the rest of June was eat and paint my nails.

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