Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Suitcase Rumage

The Suite Case Rummage is a monthly market, located in the middel of brisbane, specialising in second hand and handmade goods. One of my friends booked a spot for herself and asked if I would like to share her plot. As my wardrobe is overflowing with clothes I gladly accepted her offer. After rummaging through my own belongings I managed to fill a suitcase with some of my pree loved yet neglected items. Out of curiosity I choose to sell two items that I had hand made. The first piece was a old army green button up shirt that I modified with a studded collar. The second was a green scarf that I had knitted myself. The shirt was the first item I sold and was one of the most looked at pieces in my stall. The scarf I was a little bit more reluctant to part with as I put quite a bit of time and effort into creating it. In the end I sold it to a lovely lady who bought it for her little daughter. I am quite inspired by the experience to whip up a few more items to sell. When exploring the markte the amount of suitcases and people rummaging was quite over whelming. There was also such a variety in products from hand crafted home wears , baked goods, modified and handmade clothes to all sorts of vintage goodies. Over all the market had a great atmosphere regardless of whether you came to sell or just wonder around.  

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